Rating the worlds 5 best email services:

# 1 - Runbox.com

Premium for-pay email service.
Runbox continues to lead the way in email services. If you can afford to pay the USD 49.95 for professional email Runbox is the way to go.

# 2 - Gmail

When it comes to free email Gmail is best. We are great fans of the interface.
Gmail show ads based on the content of your emails, not so good for professional use.

# 2 - Yahoo Mail

It's a close race between Yahoo Mail and Gmail. Yahoo Mail still has the best identity security if that is a major issue for you.

# 3 - Hushmail

Hushmail is the leader in encrypted email. If top security is important to you Hushmail is the right provider.

# - 4 Mail2Web.Com

Mail2Web will allow you to read your email wherever you are, you need a separate actual email account to use it.

# - 5 GoDaddy

If you need cheap email for your own domain GoDaddy has email included in their domain hosting plans.



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